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TSM176 : Reticulum Manifolds and How ETs Travel Through Space

February 18, 2019

I dedicate today's monologue to my good friend Sandor, for all your ongoing kindness, friendship and financial support ! Thanks buddy ! 


In today's monologue I introduce you to Dude's explanation of how ETs travel through space using Reticulum Manifolds. I'm at home for this monologue, sitting at my desk (making I guess, a sitalogue !). 

Learning about Reticulum Manifolds came about through a discussion with Dude in which I asked him if there is really such a thing as Wormholes and how ETs travel vast differences so quickly.

This came after previous discussions with Anamika in which she explained reality as A Space Reticulum and previous discussions with Dude in which he explained reality as Conjoined Space

This monologue was made after a long day, so I'm a little dopey now and then. But I think you'll find what Dude has to share with us very stimulating and very confronting ! 

If you want to learn more about humanity as a space faring civilization read here :

Or if you're interested in hearing more about ETs in general, you may want to go here :

Enjoy !

Brighty. ;-)

PS. Corrections - Neverness was before the Requiem for Homo Sapiens Trilogy (but laid the foundation for it) and Physicists (space doctors ?) and not Physicians ! 

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