The Something Monologues


November 19, 2014
I began The Something Monologues on the 29th October, 2014 – with absolutely no idea what I was doing or what they would be about. The Something Monologues (TSMs) usually happen when I’m out walking and may involve me talking about ETs, god, spirituality, life, my observations about life or my immediate environment (usually the natural world). They may be long or short, profound or a complete waste of your time. All TSM’s are recorded on my Ipod. The only editing that is involved in creating them, involves fading in and out, bumping up the volume and changing the format from mp4 to mp3. I try to avoid recording when it’s windy but heck, if you hear the wind that just part of the reality of my experience. Where possible I’ll try to limit loud noise like wind but if it takes over, that’s the show. The TSMs are not meant to be perfect. They’re meant to be real !

You can download them for free or listen online from the main TSM folder on BOX here : .

I’ve realized that the TSMs are a kind of catharsis for me and my way of helping others to experience a little of the joy that fills my life.

Please feel free to comment on anything I share in the TSM’s. This is a two way street. I talk, you listen and then anyone who wants to makes a comment does so and together we learn from each another and we enjoy being part of the herd.

The Something Monologues are kind of a companion podcast to my blog ET and I, which you can find here : .

Enjoy my friends, Bright. ;-)