The Something Monologues

TSM69 : Influences for Writers and Story Telling

In this monologue I fill in a little spare time, by talking about external and internal influences for writers and the craft of story telling. I explore how we can perceive the outer world and the inner world, as a means of collecting material for stories. I also look at how we can draw material for stories from the 3 primary states of consciousness - the waking state, the dreaming state and deep sleep state.

A few things I should clarify. 
I use the words inspiration and influences interchangeably, although technically they mean different things. Kenneth Slessor's ( El Alamein refers to his poem Beach Burial. I forgot to mention Judith Wright, an Australian poet I studied under Mr Campbell :  Here's the Australian Raven : . The five sense doors plus the sixth (mind) : Forgive the surplus so's ! My awareness was a little dim, as I shivered my way through this monologue ! 
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