The Something Monologues

TSM72 : Boundaries and Hard Choices

In this monologue I talk you through a hard choice involving a sheep and ravens. 


TSM68 : Observations of Boort

I went to visit a friend who lives in the township of Boort in North Central Victoria today and had some time to kill. So I decided to pull out the old iPod and talk a little about the township of Boort.

More information here :

TSM55 : Reflections on Writing

In this monologue  I reflect on my various writing projects - including a journal books, my plays and a musical about ET contact.


TSM50 : The Sick Monologue & Reflections on Hearing a Peculiar Noise While Driving & Hearing a Voice at Home

In this monologue I sound dreadful because I'm still recovering from the flu. I reflect a little on some recent peculiar experiences.


TSM18 : An Answer for Sen on the Question of Suffering

This is an earlier brief TSM that I forgot to post. In this post I put it back on you the listener to provide Sen with an answer to her question. 

In a later post I'll read Anamika's response and a response from the entity I call Alapo. I encourage you to put n if you can and post your responses in the comments section.

TSM12 : Of Ants, Earthworms and Human Kindness

I had no idea what to talk about during this monologue, until I stumbled across an Earthworm who had seen better days. After which I then I felt compelled to talk a little about human kindness.

Earthworms :

Ants squirting formic acid :