The Something Monologues

TSM143 : The Shocking Reality of How Things Are & The Seasons of Life

Sometimes we try and turn away from the shocking reality of how things are. But how things are is how they are. Isness is a powerful ally !

In this walk and talk I explore how nature's seasons and the cycles of nature, parallel the seasons of our life and how we all face the same seasons of life, as part of the seasons of the human clock - from the cradle to the grave.

I offer a tour of the seasons here on this land and suggest how facing the shocking reality of all that nature brings, helps us to face the shocking reality of how things are in our own life. I suggest that the seasons of nature and of human life are necessary to create awareness and to help us grow. Life is both predictable and unpredictable and if we have courage, we can stay open to anything that life might throw at us.

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TSM77 : Opening awareness by connecting to the energy of trees and working with the senses

In this monologue I present two ways of opening awareness (as an alternative to expanding consciousness). The first involves connecting with the energy of trees and the second involves opening the 5 senses, by opening awareness one sense at a time. 

These two practices create the possibility of opening awareness beyond your normal conscious awareness and provide you with two practices that will enhance your awareness of energy and strengthen your bodily energy. 
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TSM54 : Collecting Seeds

In this monologue I take you through the process of collecting seeds from a Late Black Wattle tree in the forest.


The Something Monologues No.3 – Communing with Trees (Sharing Memories with Trees)

Hi folks. I have been away until yesterday and haven’t really felt like writing anything, although I have a couple of dozen posts lined up.

While I was away, I made another monologue about something very important my guide Kanatek shared with me about preparing for death but when I returned I realized that it was wrong to share what he had given me and in doing so I would be betraying his trust and showing how little I respect him. And sometimes I do that from time to time. In my eagerness to share, I forget that things have been given to me as gifts by individuals (dead, living or ET) who made the choice to give me something out of the kindness of their own spirit of compassion. So I’ve ditched that monologue and instead offer the following unplanned monologue on how I commune with trees – more specifically how I learnt to share memories with trees and how you can do the same thing. Both sharing your own memories with trees and receiving the memories of trees.

Don’t listen to this if you have a closed mind or a closed heart because this will be a waste of your time. But if you do have an open mind and an open heart, it is my wish that by sharing this with you, I help some of you to open up a whole world of possibility.

At the end of the day, everything on this blog is all about connection. How to connect with ETs, how to connect with animals, how to connect with trees and how to connect with each other. Interspecies communication and learning to overcome the perceived differences that we think separate us, is one small step on the path to helping us to mature as a species and as individuals. It is my wish that sharing this with you, sets some of you on a path to self discovery and greater discovery about the amazing planet we call Earth – Our only home.  I’m giving you my shortcuts. Shortcuts that took me decades to learn because I want to see others know the joy that comes with opening yourself up to to the realm of possibility, where who we are transcends the small self – who is limited, scared and obsessed with separation and difference.  I want you to know the joy that is part of my life and to experience it for yourself.

May your path be blessed.

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Enjoy friends !