The Something Monologues

TSM134 : Deepening the Well of Experience

In previous monologues I've suggested that real spiritual development has nothing to do developing super powers or transcending the body and everything to do cultivating awareness of mind and body and living fully within the body. In today's walk and talk, I explore some of the same ground I explored in TSM 108 - suggesting how we might move through our senses deep into the body and integrate all that arises into our awareness and in so doing, deepen the well of experience.

For those who are interested in learning ET contact, might I suggest you begin by learning how to deepen the well of experience. Begin with the body and the body will grow !  

TSM127 : An Introduction to the Buddha’s Teachings and Why They Are No Longer as Important to Me

In today's walk in the big paddock, I introduce the core ideas behind the mystical Buddha's teachings and talk a little about how my ET friend Dude changed my view of Buddhism and my own efforts to eliminate desire from my life.

Don't be offended if you are a Buddhist. This monologue is an effort to simply Buddhism and make it easy to understand. It isn't a critical treatise on significant doctrines but a gentle overview of what the Buddha may have been trying to get at. 

More on Buddhism here :


TSM80 : Choppy school, faith and trust in the power of life, The 5 Remembrances, life’s impermanance and uncertainty

In today's monologue I explore the issue of faith and trust and reflect on what we can learn from young lambs and old ladies, about the power of will and our desire to live. I also reflect on the 5 Remembrances, life's impermanence and uncertainty. 

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TSM36 : Sperm Stories

I’m a big fan of sperm. Little guys, who may well be the most powerful beings in the entire cosmos !

Sperm Stories for your listening pleasure (or not) !

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Enjoy ! Brighticus Spermicus.

PS. My memory of the numbers of sperm per ejaculation is woefully inaccurate !

PSS. The epic story of sperm in video.

TSM17 : Aspects of Self (A Revolutionary Technique for Developing Self Awareness ?)

WARNING : Don’t listen to this podcast without first hearing the warning at the beginning. 

What follows in TSM17 is a discussion about how I developed a process for exploring the self and in particular an idea I call Aspects of Self. It’s still an idea in progress but it’s one I think has great merit and potential for helping people to transform their lives and their understanding of the nature of reality.

I think it was Carl Jung who said something like “where the mystic is swimming, the schizophrenic is drowning”. And it’s in this spirit that I offer you this deeply personal monologue about my perception of self.

Please let me know if this monologue meant anything to you. And a brief warning, I do use the F word at some tourists ! Sorry , no long haired peace nick here ! I’m all out of patience with annoying tourists ! I also had to edit out some comments I made about a particular book I own and perhaps I ought to have edited out more.

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Enjoy !

Brighticus. ;-)

PS. The very special Dadaji : .

TSM13 : The Reindeer Incident, Remembrance Day, My Morning Routine and How it Feels to Have Tumours

A morning monologue in which I talk about my most sacred scar, having 11-11 as a birthday, how I prepare myself for the day and what the experience of having tumours feels like.

Many Cowabungas to you !


TSM7 : Grass, Shapes & Colour

Yesterday as I waited for my son to run some errands during his school lunch hour, I picked up my Ipod and recorded some more verbiage about the importance of grass, shape and colour and how they make us feel. I had to end my monologue a little abruptly, so perhaps I’ll go down this path again and see what else I can dig up about shape and colour.

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Enjoy !


The Something Monologues No.4 – The Museum of Modern Apocalypses – Our Blessed Scars & Deformities

In this very long monologue (almost 1hr’38 mins long) I waffle on about the blessing of our deformities – our scars and the deformities we were born with, how they define the uniqueness of our bodies and our souls. This is a very intimate monologue, in which I take you on an up close and personal tour across my body and tell you some of the stories and memories that go hand in hand with each of my scars and deformities. Be warned, there is penis talk. Oh and I forgot to mention the biggest scar of all – circumcision ! Now you know my nether regions !!! Stick that one in a file, 3 letter somebodies !
I urge you to consider sharing some of the stories and memories that come with your blessed scars and deformities.

PS. I got my dates mixed up in this audio.