The Something Monologues

TSM114. : The Agony of the Human Condition - Part 3A : Intuition and Tuition - Honouring the Daimon

I dedicate this monologue to Frederic and Sandor, for their on going support ! Thank you my friends for continuing to care ! This one is for you and for all those like you, who seek to honour the daimon and to live a content and fulfilled life !

We live in a human world dominated by conditioning and there is no stronger form of conditioning than our families and our formal education. In today's monologue I talk a little about James Hillman's belief that each of us is torn by the conflict between the demands of formal education (tuition) and the needs of the spirit (intuition). The needs of the spirit or daimon are sacrificed on the so alter of so called progress and achievement, at great cost to our psychological, emotional and physical well being. I use my own life as an example of someone who neglected the needs of their own daimon at great personal cost !
Today's monologue was twice as long but somehow I bumped my iPod and turned off the recorder - so I'll explore how we might recognise and honour the needs of the daimon next monologue.

Enjoy !

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TSM62 : The Misnomer of Outer Body Experiences, Developmental Thresholds for Civilizations & Categories for Classifying Civilizations

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