The Something Monologues

TSM123 : The Art of Sampling

The following monologue has lots of wind in the first half.

In today's talkathon, I meander through the world of sampling and suggest a new way of seeing sampling, that spans the 5 senses and provide several examples for new kinds of perfume, music and artwork.

I omitted tallking about collage, montage or decoupage because I was feeling sick and subsequently forgot about them and because in heinsight, they're probably subjects that warant a whole other TSM. 

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TSM112 : Mapping Bioacoustic Signatures

In today's monologue I give you an update on my health and treatment, an overview of the subject of terrestrial bioacoustics and an outline of a PhD I'm considering doing next year in mapping bioacoustic signatures around Australia. Bioacoustsics is a science that combines acoustics and biology. The particular aspect I'm interested in is capturing the telltale signatures of specific ecosystems (natural and man made) and looking at how they change through the day and over the seasons, the impact of human activity upon them and what this can teach us about how biodiversity waxes and wanes in response to human interference.

Today's monologue has a little wind coming through in the first half but the rest of it is wind free.

It's been a while since I've made one of these, so forgive me if I waffle on a little more than usual. It will probably take 3 or 4 monologues until I feel comfortable doing this again.


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TSM83 : The use of sound to alter consciousness

I made this monologue a few weeks ago while waiting for my son to run an errand. In this talk I explore the idea of using sound to alter consciousness, in particular the ideas put forth in David Hendy's book "Noise".

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TSM81 : Audio as a medium for story telling

In today's wofflathon, I lead you through some thoughts about the value of the audio medium for story telling. In so doing I discuss why we share stories and podcasts, what's behind our drive to tell stories and to share them, the value of stories, the power of audio stories, audio as a carrier of memory, sharing through audio, audio signatures of places, people, animals and plants and the engineering of soundscapes. 

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