The Something Monologues

TSM143 : The Shocking Reality of How Things Are & The Seasons of Life

Sometimes we try and turn away from the shocking reality of how things are. But how things are is how they are. Isness is a powerful ally !

In this walk and talk I explore how nature's seasons and the cycles of nature, parallel the seasons of our life and how we all face the same seasons of life, as part of the seasons of the human clock - from the cradle to the grave.

I offer a tour of the seasons here on this land and suggest how facing the shocking reality of all that nature brings, helps us to face the shocking reality of how things are in our own life. I suggest that the seasons of nature and of human life are necessary to create awareness and to help us grow. Life is both predictable and unpredictable and if we have courage, we can stay open to anything that life might throw at us.

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TSM130 : The Environmental Crisis, Socially Inherited Contracts and the Free Snaker Movement

All my life I've tried to care about the natural world. In today's walk n talk, I let you in on a little secret and why I made aparticular liberating choice; talk a little about socially inherited contracts and their impact on the natural world; and taunt the men of the world with the possibility of starting a new movement ! I don't profess to be the only person in the world who has liberated themselves this way and for all I know there may allready be a Free Snaker Movement ! Hang low, hang hi, be proud ! 

Enjoy !

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TSM123 : The Art of Sampling

The following monologue has lots of wind in the first half.

In today's talkathon, I meander through the world of sampling and suggest a new way of seeing sampling, that spans the 5 senses and provide several examples for new kinds of perfume, music and artwork.

I omitted tallking about collage, montage or decoupage because I was feeling sick and subsequently forgot about them and because in heinsight, they're probably subjects that warant a whole other TSM. 

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TSM116 : Assemblage Theory

More than a decade ago, when I was trying to understand how reality is structured, I came up with the idea of things being assembled in certain ways. Later I learned about Assemblage Theory in systems theory, sociology and ecology and began applying the idea to other aspects of reality. Assemblage Theory is a good tool for understanding how things come together to create larger structures and 'bioscapes'. It may also be a useful tool for understanding how human and extraterrestrial civilizations arise and how the Creator Races create new worlds and places for life to evolve.

Enjoy ! 

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TSM60 : Another Walk in the Forest

Today I take you on another walk in the forest, reflecting on the birds, trees, ants and mountains. 


TSM39 : Leaves with Parasites, Lichens, Sand & Reflections on Movement with Presence

In this monologue I take you on another walk through the hills and introduce you to some leaves with parasites and my love of lichens and reflect a little on moving with presence, instead of distractions. 

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TSM36 : Sperm Stories

I’m a big fan of sperm. Little guys, who may well be the most powerful beings in the entire cosmos !

Sperm Stories for your listening pleasure (or not) !

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Enjoy ! Brighticus Spermicus.

PS. My memory of the numbers of sperm per ejaculation is woefully inaccurate !

PSS. The epic story of sperm in video.

TSM33 : Natures Cycles and Lessons from ETs during Internal World Contacts

Hey folks, still catching up on TSMs after my transfer software crashed last year.
In this TSM I take you on a  journey through the area where I live and walk, talk a little about the cycles of nature and reflect on some lessons and experiences I have had during my Internal Worlds ET contact experiences.
Bright. ;-)

TSM31 : A rainstorm and some readings from a play loosely based on my son’s life.

In this monologue, I was forced outside when we lost power during a thunderstorm. So I recorded a little of the storm and read a few snippets from a play I wrote which was loosely based on my son's life. 


TSM12 : Of Ants, Earthworms and Human Kindness

I had no idea what to talk about during this monologue, until I stumbled across an Earthworm who had seen better days. After which I then I felt compelled to talk a little about human kindness.

Earthworms :

Ants squirting formic acid :

TSM10 : ?

The sound of foot steps, wind, birds, silence, and a brief conversation with an Aboriginal man who’s mother (who I once knew), was born under a gum tree. I had to edit most of that conversation out to protect his privacy. Waste time at your own peril.


TSM8 : A Tour Across Burra Burra (Mountain of the Eagle) with Bright and Toa

In the following monologue, my son and I take you on a tour across part of the mountain that has been my greatest spiritual teacher these last 20 odd years. It’s a little windy up top, so turn it up or skip the windy parts and Toa lost interest in talking because I was being an annoying dad and he was more interested in texting and singing !

The following selection of images go back a span of about 15 years and are just a few I could find to give you some ideas of what we’re describing. Unfortunately they are not in any particular order, so you’ll have to figure out what’s what and where they fit into the tour. Most are images of Burra Burra but the small mountain in the distance is Burra Wau.

Enjoy !

Bright. ;-)


TSM7 : Grass, Shapes & Colour

Yesterday as I waited for my son to run some errands during his school lunch hour, I picked up my Ipod and recorded some more verbiage about the importance of grass, shape and colour and how they make us feel. I had to end my monologue a little abruptly, so perhaps I’ll go down this path again and see what else I can dig up about shape and colour.

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Enjoy !


The Something Monologues No.3 – Communing with Trees (Sharing Memories with Trees)

Hi folks. I have been away until yesterday and haven’t really felt like writing anything, although I have a couple of dozen posts lined up.

While I was away, I made another monologue about something very important my guide Kanatek shared with me about preparing for death but when I returned I realized that it was wrong to share what he had given me and in doing so I would be betraying his trust and showing how little I respect him. And sometimes I do that from time to time. In my eagerness to share, I forget that things have been given to me as gifts by individuals (dead, living or ET) who made the choice to give me something out of the kindness of their own spirit of compassion. So I’ve ditched that monologue and instead offer the following unplanned monologue on how I commune with trees – more specifically how I learnt to share memories with trees and how you can do the same thing. Both sharing your own memories with trees and receiving the memories of trees.

Don’t listen to this if you have a closed mind or a closed heart because this will be a waste of your time. But if you do have an open mind and an open heart, it is my wish that by sharing this with you, I help some of you to open up a whole world of possibility.

At the end of the day, everything on this blog is all about connection. How to connect with ETs, how to connect with animals, how to connect with trees and how to connect with each other. Interspecies communication and learning to overcome the perceived differences that we think separate us, is one small step on the path to helping us to mature as a species and as individuals. It is my wish that sharing this with you, sets some of you on a path to self discovery and greater discovery about the amazing planet we call Earth – Our only home.  I’m giving you my shortcuts. Shortcuts that took me decades to learn because I want to see others know the joy that comes with opening yourself up to to the realm of possibility, where who we are transcends the small self – who is limited, scared and obsessed with separation and difference.  I want you to know the joy that is part of my life and to experience it for yourself.

May your path be blessed.

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Enjoy friends !


The Something Monologues No.2 – Power, Ants & Aliens & the Necessary Ingredients for ET Contact

Hi Ya’ll, I’m about to have a little break from the net, so I thought I’d knock up (;-) hey Windsong) another monologue this morning on my walk. I thought it was worth talking a little about POWER and about those who think they have power; about how to connect with ETs by learning to connect with ants; and the natural world and the core ingredients necessary for having ET contact. I also reflect a little on the natural world around me, including some vomit I put my hand in (traditional rights of passage) and a male kangaroo with very big testicles.

More waffle some time next week.

Lord of waffle, Brighticus.

The Something Monologues No.1 – The Pig Squealing Alien

Here’s a little something I knocked up today on my walk.

It might be a regular thing. Who knows ???

This one’s a bit windy in places but future one’s should sound better. Let me know if it’s worth the effort.

Adios, Brighticus.