The Something Monologues

TSM166 : Psychoses I Have Known

It's been quite a while since I have posted a TSM because I've just been too busy to find time to edit them. But I have made quite a few and had to scrap a good number of them due to the wind. Winter is a real problem for making TSMs because we have wind almost every day. This whole making and scrapping TSMs is really pissing me off but I have no way to minimize the effects of the wind with my iPod. I was going to scrap this TSM because of the wind but decided that given it's length and the subject matter, fuck it, it's staying. So there is a little wind here, the sound of a zipper flapping and there and the last 5 minutes is full of wind. 

So, in this TSM I explore some psychoses I have known in people that I have previously worked with and other people that I have known and talk a little about what I think psychoses might mean. All names have been changed and even though I make some judgments of the people I discuss, I had respect for all but 2 of them - who I felt were a danger to society. I am afraid that I do not have compassion for everyone and some of the sickest people that I have met or worked with, were also some of the most selfish and dangerous. If you are a person with some form of psychoses, I encourage you to explore how it came to be what it is and what it might mean. Psychosis fulfills a function in the human psyche and in human life. It isn't a random event, even if the brain is damaged or under the influence of substances.

My favourite person in this reminiscence was the very sweet but unwell Worm Girl.


May you enjoy the weirdness and the uniqueness that is human psychoses. 

Brighty. ;-)



TSM154 : Remembering Susy

Today's second monologue is a bit different because it's intensely personal.

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday and to honour her memory I offer this reading of a few of her letters, so that you might know a little of who she was.


TSM80 : Choppy school, faith and trust in the power of life, The 5 Remembrances, life’s impermanance and uncertainty

In today's monologue I explore the issue of faith and trust and reflect on what we can learn from young lambs and old ladies, about the power of will and our desire to live. I also reflect on the 5 Remembrances, life's impermanence and uncertainty. 

Relevant links :

TSM34 : Reflections on Spending Time with My Dying Friend

Some reflections on spending time with my dying friend Tom and the experience of cancer and dying.

For those who asked, yes he did die – on the 6th December. And I do not know if he saw the ETs I asked to visit him.



TSM15 : The Gaps We Leave Behind

In this brief dialogue (yes it really is brief !), I talk a little about the gaps we leave behind. Let me know your opinion on this subject !

Happy listening !