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TSM23 : Abraham Lincoln’s Letter to a Grieving Mother

Many of you will have heard of Abraham Lincoln’s famous letter to Mrs Bixby, a grieving mother who had apparently lost 5 sons in the civil war. I am very fond of Abraham Lincoln. He is another one of my heroes. And during the attacks of 911, I was told about another heroic act that he undertook of his own free will. of course that story is one that will never be known. But the story of his letter to Mrs Bixby is legend. But despite its great depth of feeling, the letter remains shrouded in controversy. Did Lincoln do it to gain political favour and was he hiding the truth that he knew ? I don’t think so. I think he acted from his heart given that he was a father who loved children and he had endured the loss of 2 of his own sons (and was later to lose another). In my eyes Lincoln was that kind of caliber of a human being that we see once in a lifetime.

Those of you who have heard me speak of Number 1, may be interested to know that he was very fond of Abe and had a number of heart felt meetings with him, to help he and the country to pass through the great turbulence of the civil war and the emancipation of the slaves.

In this monologue I read about Abe’s famous letter from A Treasury of The World’s Great letters by M. Lincoln Schuster (1940).

Enjoy ! And let me know what you think of what the great man did.

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I have desired as sincerely as any man — I sometimes think more than any other man — that our present difficulties might be settled without the shedding of blood.
–April 26, 1861 Address to the Frontier Guard