The Something Monologues

TSM90 : If Only…A Game of Interconnectedness

We've all had that sense that everything happens for a reason ! 

In today's monologue I play a little game of 'if only', using some events from my own life and some well known historical events, to demonstrate how everything is connected and how one thing leads to another. 
I'd be curious to hear your own list of personal and collective 'if only's'.

PS. I'm lousy with history - Robert Bruce is actually Robert The Bruce. 
PPS. I had to edit out a bunch of personal stuff I shouldn't have put in this monologue, so it shifts a little abruptly early on, from one thing to another. 

TSM87 : A rambling on indigenous and colonial history and how history will remember us

In today's rambleathon, which begins with a walk across a small hill, I take you on a discursive meander through some local indigenous and colonial history, the development of Australia's botanical gardens and wonder at how history will remember us individually and collectively.