The Something Monologues

TSM146 : The Relativity of Our Humanity

In this monologue I introduce the idea that there is a relativity to our humanity.

Many humans like to believe that we are more than human and that's all, while others argue that we are merely a living organism and nothing more. I argue that we are both transcendent and ordinary ! Some people try so hard to be more than human and forget their humanness - at great cost ! While others revel and suffer in their humanness, ignorant of other aspects of their being.

We humans also believe that we are separate and forget that we are defined by our relationship to each other and the natural world. We are in relationship with all of existence ! We become consumed and preoccupied by our roles and forget that they are created by relationships.

There are many people who didn't receive what they needed to feel like whole human beings. I ask if it's possible to reskill people in love and intimacy to create new bonds and attachments in groups of people who are bound by suffering.


TSM138 : The Shadow of My Ancestors

We all have ancestors alive and dead, who loom over us like long dark shadows that arouse something unfathomable deep inside of us. In this trek down the dirt road, I introduce you to 4 of my dead ancestors and share a little of who they were and what they meant to me. 

We are all experts in one thing and one thing only - ourselves. It's my wish that by sharing intimate things about my own life, I strike a chord that resonates in you. And in so doing we remember our common humanity and that we are all dealing with the same fundamental issues in life.

TSM90 : If Only…A Game of Interconnectedness

We've all had that sense that everything happens for a reason ! 

In today's monologue I play a little game of 'if only', using some events from my own life and some well known historical events, to demonstrate how everything is connected and how one thing leads to another. 
I'd be curious to hear your own list of personal and collective 'if only's'.

PS. I'm lousy with history - Robert Bruce is actually Robert The Bruce. 
PPS. I had to edit out a bunch of personal stuff I shouldn't have put in this monologue, so it shifts a little abruptly early on, from one thing to another. 

TSM65 : A Discussion About My Sick Mother from the Streets of Adelaide

This monologue comes to you from the streets of Adelaide in the state of South Australia, where I talk a little about my mother who I have been visiting and give you a bit of a tour of the streets of Adelaide, as I make my way back to the car. 

My mum is very unwell and has severe OCD and Hoarding. Forgive me, while I talk and eat lunch at the same time ! This is a very candid talk, in which I talk about how I really feel about my mum. 

TSM31 : A rainstorm and some readings from a play loosely based on my son’s life.

In this monologue, I was forced outside when we lost power during a thunderstorm. So I recorded a little of the storm and read a few snippets from a play I wrote which was loosely based on my son's life. 


TSM28 : Toa’s reflections on my writing a play about his life

I tried to nail my son down 3 times to get his reflections on my writing a play about his life. 

After I recorded this I played it back to him and he begged me "Can we record it again Dad ? I'll give you a serious answer !". "Nope", says I, "It's good enough !".