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TSM76 : How ETs connect with new races, how different senses change perception and how the ETs try to understand us

In today's monologue I talk a about how ETs connect with new races and some work that the Teal'hia are currently involved in, in translating the needs of a race with 7 external senses; how different senses change the perception of reality; and how the ETs try to understand humans through observation and by learning about us from the inside. 

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TSM40 : The ET Doorway Keepers

In this monologue I give you a basic outline of the ET Doorway Keepers who monitor ET created doorways on this planet.


TSM22 : How the Teal’hia Work with Humans & Catastrophe and the Path of Life

In this monologue i take you to the site of where I had my first Yowie contact before trekking up my favourite path. I talk a little about the Creator Races, how the Teal’hia work with individuals from many races and how they work with humans and later look at how catastrophe shapes the path of our life.

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The Something Monologues No.1 – The Pig Squealing Alien

Here’s a little something I knocked up today on my walk.

It might be a regular thing. Who knows ???

This one’s a bit windy in places but future one’s should sound better. Let me know if it’s worth the effort.

Adios, Brighticus.