The Something Monologues

TSM116 : Assemblage Theory

More than a decade ago, when I was trying to understand how reality is structured, I came up with the idea of things being assembled in certain ways. Later I learned about Assemblage Theory in systems theory, sociology and ecology and began applying the idea to other aspects of reality. Assemblage Theory is a good tool for understanding how things come together to create larger structures and 'bioscapes'. It may also be a useful tool for understanding how human and extraterrestrial civilizations arise and how the Creator Races create new worlds and places for life to evolve.

Enjoy ! 

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TSM86 : Hows ETs can Time Travel and Enter the Afterlife

In this brief monologue, I explore how some ETs seem to be able to time travel and enter the afterlife. I offer a metaphor that I think might help you to make some sense of how they do this, using my own experiences with my ET friends as examples. 


TSM62 : The Misnomer of Outer Body Experiences, Developmental Thresholds for Civilizations & Categories for Classifying Civilizations

In this monologue I challenge the idea that we can have outer body experiences and that we are merely shifting perspective; I also put forth a rough model of developmental thresholds for classifying civilizations ; and I put forward a rough model for classifying civilizations  - that is at odds with Michio Kaku's model of 3 types of civilizations. I think the models that I am proposing have more to do with reality (based on what I have learned from ETs), than the speculative models of Mr Kaku.