The Something Monologues

TSM33 : Natures Cycles and Lessons from ETs during Internal World Contacts

Hey folks, still catching up on TSMs after my transfer software crashed last year.

In this TSM I take you on a  journey through the area where I live and walk, talk a little about the cycles of nature and reflect on some lessons and experiences I have had during my Internal Worlds ET contact experiences.


Bright. ;-)

TSM30 : Cycles, expressing the needs of the soul & vitality, the ages of the life cycle, boundaries, neatness & messiness & aspects of self

Another rambling monologue interspersed with observations of mating kangaroos. In this monologue I waffle on about natures cycles, how we need to express the needs of the soul and how this creates vitality, the different ages of the life cycle from the Cree Indian perspective, reflect on neatness and messiness and the meaning and importance of physical and emotional boundaries.

Forgive me if I have mixed some of the description of this TSM with another TSM. I'm still sorting through all the TSMs that were recorded after my transfer software crashed. 
Enjoy, Bright.