The Something Monologues

TSM139 : The Importance of Human Drama

All spiritual traditons emphasize the importance of freeing ourselves from drama because drama causes suffering. I beg to differ. Drama helps us to grow and suffering is OK. In today's walky, I explore the importance of human drama and how drama reshapes our entire identity and experience of being human.


TSM131 : Memory, Uncertainty & Doubt in the ET Contact Experience

The things in this monologue were probably the hardest things I've ever spoken about publicly.

Today, I open up and share my thoughts about memory, uncertainty and doubt in the ET contact experience, looking at two of my own experiences 23 years apart. I explore how contact with beings from elsewhere shatters your experience of reality and talk about why I think most people who have contact, avoid talking about uncertainty and doubt and why these things are really critical to making sense of the experience. I post this monologue with some hesitation but do so because I belive that we need to be as honest and transparent as we can be, if we are to truly understand the experience of human-ET contact.

There is some repetitive noise in the early part of the recording due to my shoes squeaking and the squeaking on my iPod cover.


TSM108 : Expanding Consciousness My Arse - Deepening the Well of Experience

Today's podcasts hints at some of the subjects I've been writing about in the book I have been writing for 3 years, called Journeys and Explorations in Human Consciousness. In this brief monologue I talk about why the idea of expanding consciousness is a crock of shit and why its more appropriate to consider deepening the well of experience. This is a simple monologue about states of consciousness and how to connect with them. For those interested in ET contact, consider this a good primer, which connects well to previous posts I've written on how to have ET contact.