The Something Monologues

TSM104 : After the second flood of 2016

In this monologue I give you a tour around our property in the wake of the second flood of 2016. You'll hear lots of water sloshing around, birds, frogs, wind and me waffling on about all the insects that are stranded on blades of grass.You'll also hearing me take a few detours to save the odd critter here and there.


TSM60 : Another Walk in the Forest

Today I take you on another walk in the forest, reflecting on the birds, trees, ants and mountains. 


TSM12 : Of Ants, Earthworms and Human Kindness

I had no idea what to talk about during this monologue, until I stumbled across an Earthworm who had seen better days. After which I then I felt compelled to talk a little about human kindness.

Earthworms :

Ants squirting formic acid :