The Something Monologues

TSM122 : Contact with ETs, Hairy Folk, Dead People and Balls of Light

Over the course of my blog and the TSMs I've tried my best to sketch out how to initiate your own contact with ETs and dead people. In this monologue I continue to sketch things out by exploring how best to approach contact. Some of you have heard me describe contact with various life forms as interspecies communication and a way of connecting with the greater (undivided) self. Today I explore how we might make contact with ETs, Hairy Folk (Yowies, Sasquatch, Yeti etc), those in the after life, balls of light and our fellow animals, while I enjoy the first evening fire of 2017.  

Enjoy !

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TSM76 : How ETs connect with new races, how different senses change perception and how the ETs try to understand us

In today's monologue I talk a about how ETs connect with new races and some work that the Teal'hia are currently involved in, in translating the needs of a race with 7 external senses; how different senses change the perception of reality; and how the ETs try to understand humans through observation and by learning about us from the inside. 

Relevant links :

TSM43 : A Field Monologue

In this monologue I go out to another area where I like to make ET contact and describe what I'm experiencing. It's a quiet night contact wise, except for the owls and bats.


TSM40 : The ET Doorway Keepers

In this monologue I give you a basic outline of the ET Doorway Keepers who monitor ET created doorways on this planet.


TSM29 : A warning from Dude about my son’s health, visiting my dying friend and a request for ETs to visit him

A warning from Dude about my son's health in the face of his ongoing abuse of electronics. And also some reflections on my time with my dying friend Tom and how I made a request from my ET friends to visit him before he dies.