The Something Monologues

TSM110 : The Good vs Bad ET Myth, Creation Stories and Explorations of the Soul

In this Christmas monologue set just after midnight, I explore the die hard Good vs Bad ET Myth and try to offer another reason why space faring ETs do not fall into good vs bad categorization. I reflect a little on the Creation Myths of indigenous people in relation to Sky, Earth and Sea. And finally talk a little about the relationship between geography and inner and outer explorations of the soul - highlighting ascending, descending and horizontal explorations. Consider this an introduction to the more detailed subject of Spiritual Development and Spiritual Development and ET Contact, that I will explore at a later date.

TSM109 : 6 am Wofflathon - Cause and Effect

In this early morning TSM I explore how one thing leads to another, meandering my way through two scenarios - the 2016 US presidential outcome and a turbulent relationship between a man and a woman.