The Something Monologues

TSM108 : Expanding Consciousness My Arse - Deepening the Well of Experience

Today's podcasts hints at some of the subjects I've been writing about in the book I have been writing for 3 years, called Journeys and Explorations in Human Consciousness. In this brief monologue I talk about why the idea of expanding consciousness is a crock of shit and why its more appropriate to consider deepening the well of experience. This is a simple monologue about states of consciousness and how to connect with them. For those interested in ET contact, consider this a good primer, which connects well to previous posts I've written on how to have ET contact.


TSM107 : Kyaking after the second flood of 2016

Today's monologue is a little different. Instead of talking and walking, I'm talking and kyaking, making my way down and up our normally dry creek, which is now flowing in the wake of the second flood of 2016. This is a noisy monologue, in which I had to be very careful not to lose my iPod. Hear me waffle on about the creek, the birds, the river red gums, the flood and some of the history of the creek. 


TSM106 : The frog monologue

In this monologue I park my iPod by the creek after the second flood and let the frogs do the talking.


TSM105 : After the first flood of 2016 - 2

This is a follow up monologue in the wake of the second flood of 2016. It's a little less wet in this walk and a little less windy. In today's monologue I reflect on how things look after the flood and how we and the animals are coping.


TSM104 : After the second flood of 2016

In this monologue I give you a tour around our property in the wake of the second flood of 2016. You'll hear lots of water sloshing around, birds, frogs, wind and me waffling on about all the insects that are stranded on blades of grass.You'll also hearing me take a few detours to save the odd critter here and there.


TSM103 : After the first flood of 2016

In this nocturnal monologue, I give you a little tour of the first flood of 2016 - along the creek at the back of our property and through our paddocks. 


TSM102 : Affluenza in Queensland

In this monologue I take you on a walk through the suburb where my sister lives and talk a little about the birds, the vegetation and the terrible state of Affluenza that afflicts the people living in this well to do suburb in southern Queensland.


TSM101 : The Sick Monologue

This is a recording I mad ea few months ago when I was having a really hard time with the impacts of Carcinoid Syndrome, which is a byproduct of my tumours. I'm not really sure why I made this, except perhaps to show you that I'm as real as you are. When I feel shit, I feel shit !