The Something Monologues

TSM37 : Tom’s Death

In this TSM I reflect on the death of my friend Tom

I could have talked about the Buddhist perspective of seeing visions close to death but instead I talked a little about visions as archetypal projections. It would be nice to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences of witnessing or being part of these with a dying person. 

Enjoy, Bright.

TSM36 : Sperm Stories

I’m a big fan of sperm. Little guys, who may well be the most powerful beings in the entire cosmos !

Sperm Stories for your listening pleasure (or not) !

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Enjoy ! Brighticus Spermicus.

PS. My memory of the numbers of sperm per ejaculation is woefully inaccurate !

PSS. The epic story of sperm in video.

TSM35 : Trauma and its Impact on Human Life

In this monologue I reflect on trauma and it’s impact on human life. The wind is a little heavy in places.
I don’t really talk about trauma in relation to ET contact experiences but everything I say about trauma is relevant to that subject.
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Enjoy, Brighticus. 

TSM34 : Reflections on Spending Time with My Dying Friend

Some reflections on spending time with my dying friend Tom and the experience of cancer and dying.

For those who asked, yes he did die – on the 6th December. And I do not know if he saw the ETs I asked to visit him.



TSM33 : Natures Cycles and Lessons from ETs during Internal World Contacts

Hey folks, still catching up on TSMs after my transfer software crashed last year.
In this TSM I take you on a  journey through the area where I live and walk, talk a little about the cycles of nature and reflect on some lessons and experiences I have had during my Internal Worlds ET contact experiences.
Bright. ;-)

TSM32 : Writers Observations

This is a brief TSM, in which I give you a brief example of how I take writers observations when I’m out and about. I took this particular set of writers obs when I was out waiting for my son to run an errand in a near by town.

I use writers obs to help me make a rough record of characters that might inspire me when writing about a particular fictional character in a piece of writing later on. Writers obs are JUDGMENTAL, so that I remember what I’ve seen, not because I make judgments of everyone I see.

Enjoy !