The Something Monologues

TSM25 : Psyops, Prayer and Kanagaroos

In this monologue I talk a little about electronic Psyops and how certain agencies infiltrate, monitor and persuade; followed naturally, by a discussion about prayer; intermingled with some observations of naughty Kangaroos.

Here are some relevant links : .

Enjoy !


TSM24 : Rainstorm

Those of you who listen to TSM will be pleased to know that I'll be uploading a bunch of new TSMs in the next few days. The following is the first.

I was fortunate enough a few weeks ago to have caught an amazing rainstorm when I went out early in the morning. Most of the action takes place near the lake and then for some reason my recorder didn't save the best part of the storm; so I resume recording back home.

Be warned there's nothing in particular going on in this TSM. In the background at home, you can hear The 3rd and the Mortal, The Beatles (Rocky Racoon) and The Metal Falcons playing . I don't know if noise plus fragments of known music is a breach of copyright ? Maybe ?

Anyway, enjoy !