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TSM23 : Abraham Lincoln’s Letter to a Grieving Mother

Many of you will have heard of Abraham Lincoln’s famous letter to Mrs Bixby, a grieving mother who had apparently lost 5 sons in the civil war. I am very fond of Abraham Lincoln. He is another one of my heroes. And during the attacks of 911, I was told about another heroic act that he undertook of his own free will. of course that story is one that will never be known. But the story of his letter to Mrs Bixby is legend. But despite its great depth of feeling, the letter remains shrouded in controversy. Did Lincoln do it to gain political favour and was he hiding the truth that he knew ? I don’t think so. I think he acted from his heart given that he was a father who loved children and he had endured the loss of 2 of his own sons (and was later to lose another). In my eyes Lincoln was that kind of caliber of a human being that we see once in a lifetime.

Those of you who have heard me speak of Number 1, may be interested to know that he was very fond of Abe and had a number of heart felt meetings with him, to help he and the country to pass through the great turbulence of the civil war and the emancipation of the slaves.

In this monologue I read about Abe’s famous letter from A Treasury of The World’s Great letters by M. Lincoln Schuster (1940).

Enjoy ! And let me know what you think of what the great man did.

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I have desired as sincerely as any man — I sometimes think more than any other man — that our present difficulties might be settled without the shedding of blood.
–April 26, 1861 Address to the Frontier Guard

TSM22 : How the Teal’hia Work with Humans & Catastrophe and the Path of Life

In this monologue i take you to the site of where I had my first Yowie contact before trekking up my favourite path. I talk a little about the Creator Races, how the Teal’hia work with individuals from many races and how they work with humans and later look at how catastrophe shapes the path of our life.

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Enjoy !


TSM21 : A reading from my book on consciousness

The following is a small reading from my book on consciousness, as written through the “higher dimensional aspect” that calls it’s self Alapo (which has in common the root for this name of the Syrian city of Aleppo). I’ve been writing it by hand, so it was very hard reading my own squiggly, illegible writing. Bear with me as I make a few mistakes and miss a few words here and there. I think it will give you a flavour of what is to come.

This book is an experiment in opening one’s self up to other aspects (see TSM17).

TSM20 : Christianity, Jesus & a Reading from Karol Wojtyla

Hi folks, TSM19 is still being edited, so I thought I’d post TSM20 first. In this evening monologue, I talk a little about my experience of Christianity and my feelings and thoughts about Christianity and Jesus and then I introduce you to the poetry of one of my heroes Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul 2). I am not very good at reading poetry out loud when I’m tired but I’m optimistic you’ll get a feel for how beautiful and powerful these poems really are. They say as much about Karol’s understanding of god, as his experience of being a man who feels separate from god, who yearns for total communion.

Some of you might be surprised at who I consider to be my heroes. But such is the mystery of man, that none of us ever really understands another !

It was a sad day for me when the fisherman’s ring was broken.

Enjoy !

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TSM17 : Aspects of Self (A Revolutionary Technique for Developing Self Awareness ?)

WARNING : Don’t listen to this podcast without first hearing the warning at the beginning. 

What follows in TSM17 is a discussion about how I developed a process for exploring the self and in particular an idea I call Aspects of Self. It’s still an idea in progress but it’s one I think has great merit and potential for helping people to transform their lives and their understanding of the nature of reality.

I think it was Carl Jung who said something like “where the mystic is swimming, the schizophrenic is drowning”. And it’s in this spirit that I offer you this deeply personal monologue about my perception of self.

Please let me know if this monologue meant anything to you. And a brief warning, I do use the F word at some tourists ! Sorry , no long haired peace nick here ! I’m all out of patience with annoying tourists ! I also had to edit out some comments I made about a particular book I own and perhaps I ought to have edited out more.

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Enjoy !

Brighticus. ;-)

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TSM16 Part 1: Future Technologies – Brain Bots & The Light Node

In this monologue I critique Ray Kurzweil’s idea of Brain Bots which he has predicted arising in 2030 and I present an alternative idea I call The Light Node. Ray is the person who came up with the idea of the Technological Singularity, in which artificial intelligence will pass human intelligence as it becomes conscious in about 2045. I disagree with him.

I was a bit brain dead, sitting in a hot car waiting for my son, so I was a little confused when talking about 1 or 2 ideas, including the Technological Singularity. You know what it’s like when you know something but it’s just out of reach and you grab the wrong thing instead ! But I think you get where I was going with this.

I was planning on talking about a spin off idea but my son finished his errands and we had to go, so I’ll finish it next monologue.

Here’s Ray Kurzweil’s idea.
And some further reading :

TSM15 : The Gaps We Leave Behind

In this brief dialogue (yes it really is brief !), I talk a little about the gaps we leave behind. Let me know your opinion on this subject !

Happy listening !

TSM14 : Identity

In this monologue I take you on a schizophrenic tour to a discussion about identity and how our identity lay at the foundation of WHO WE THINK WE ARE !

Enjoy !


TSM13 : The Reindeer Incident, Remembrance Day, My Morning Routine and How it Feels to Have Tumours

A morning monologue in which I talk about my most sacred scar, having 11-11 as a birthday, how I prepare myself for the day and what the experience of having tumours feels like.

Many Cowabungas to you !


TSM12 : Of Ants, Earthworms and Human Kindness

I had no idea what to talk about during this monologue, until I stumbled across an Earthworm who had seen better days. After which I then I felt compelled to talk a little about human kindness.

Earthworms :

Ants squirting formic acid :

TSM11 : Birthdays, Deathdays, Passion, Companionship and Love

A brief discourse on the value of life.

PS. I screwed up the dates. Yesterday was the 12th.

TSM10 : ?

The sound of foot steps, wind, birds, silence, and a brief conversation with an Aboriginal man who’s mother (who I once knew), was born under a gum tree. I had to edit most of that conversation out to protect his privacy. Waste time at your own peril.


TSM9 : Familial ET Contact Part 1

Howdy human tribe !

The following is a bit of a dodgy recording made after a very long day travelling the countryside with my son and visiting family I hadn’t seen in a long time. In this monologue I reflect a little on a UFO encounter my relatives told me about and why I think they had an ET encounter.

I’d be curious to know if any of you or your relatives have had similar encounters and if you can see the possibility that it may have ACTUALLY been a contact experience.

Enjoy !


TSM8 : A Tour Across Burra Burra (Mountain of the Eagle) with Bright and Toa

In the following monologue, my son and I take you on a tour across part of the mountain that has been my greatest spiritual teacher these last 20 odd years. It’s a little windy up top, so turn it up or skip the windy parts and Toa lost interest in talking because I was being an annoying dad and he was more interested in texting and singing !

The following selection of images go back a span of about 15 years and are just a few I could find to give you some ideas of what we’re describing. Unfortunately they are not in any particular order, so you’ll have to figure out what’s what and where they fit into the tour. Most are images of Burra Burra but the small mountain in the distance is Burra Wau.

Enjoy !

Bright. ;-)


TSM7 : Grass, Shapes & Colour

Yesterday as I waited for my son to run some errands during his school lunch hour, I picked up my Ipod and recorded some more verbiage about the importance of grass, shape and colour and how they make us feel. I had to end my monologue a little abruptly, so perhaps I’ll go down this path again and see what else I can dig up about shape and colour.

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Enjoy !


TSM 6 : Fishing Stories and Migrations

The Something Monologue No. 6 is a bit of a hasty reflection of things that I learned through fishing in 3 different countries and the nature of migration and what it taught me along the way. I think I might pick up both themes in another monologue. Feel free to share your own fishing, fish or fishy stories and some of your own migrations.

Thanks for all the encouragement and the support with this little spontaneous adventure. I’m enjoying this so much, I’ll keep going but I might slow down a little and from time to time, I might start thinking about what I’d like to talk about. Perhaps you have some suggestions ?

Enjoy !

PS. No. 7 has been recorded today but will have to wait to next week to be recorded !

PPS. The GETCRN is still in development and I haven’t forgotten to share more of my contact experiences or the contact audio series. I’m just enjoying something a bit different !

TSM5 : Stories, Their Value & Meaning & How ET’s & God See Our Stories

From now on I’ll be referring to The Something Monologues as TSM no x, y or z etc. I’ve also created a page where I’ll post the links to all the monologues.

In this monologue I talk a little about my experience of thinking about my own stories, listening to other peoples stories, how stories are just variations on the same themes, what our stories mean to us and to our cosmic family and what they mean to God.

Enjoy !


The Something Monologues No.4 – The Museum of Modern Apocalypses – Our Blessed Scars & Deformities

In this very long monologue (almost 1hr’38 mins long) I waffle on about the blessing of our deformities – our scars and the deformities we were born with, how they define the uniqueness of our bodies and our souls. This is a very intimate monologue, in which I take you on an up close and personal tour across my body and tell you some of the stories and memories that go hand in hand with each of my scars and deformities. Be warned, there is penis talk. Oh and I forgot to mention the biggest scar of all – circumcision ! Now you know my nether regions !!! Stick that one in a file, 3 letter somebodies !
I urge you to consider sharing some of the stories and memories that come with your blessed scars and deformities.

PS. I got my dates mixed up in this audio.


The Something Monologues No.3 – Communing with Trees (Sharing Memories with Trees)

Hi folks. I have been away until yesterday and haven’t really felt like writing anything, although I have a couple of dozen posts lined up.

While I was away, I made another monologue about something very important my guide Kanatek shared with me about preparing for death but when I returned I realized that it was wrong to share what he had given me and in doing so I would be betraying his trust and showing how little I respect him. And sometimes I do that from time to time. In my eagerness to share, I forget that things have been given to me as gifts by individuals (dead, living or ET) who made the choice to give me something out of the kindness of their own spirit of compassion. So I’ve ditched that monologue and instead offer the following unplanned monologue on how I commune with trees – more specifically how I learnt to share memories with trees and how you can do the same thing. Both sharing your own memories with trees and receiving the memories of trees.

Don’t listen to this if you have a closed mind or a closed heart because this will be a waste of your time. But if you do have an open mind and an open heart, it is my wish that by sharing this with you, I help some of you to open up a whole world of possibility.

At the end of the day, everything on this blog is all about connection. How to connect with ETs, how to connect with animals, how to connect with trees and how to connect with each other. Interspecies communication and learning to overcome the perceived differences that we think separate us, is one small step on the path to helping us to mature as a species and as individuals. It is my wish that sharing this with you, sets some of you on a path to self discovery and greater discovery about the amazing planet we call Earth – Our only home.  I’m giving you my shortcuts. Shortcuts that took me decades to learn because I want to see others know the joy that comes with opening yourself up to to the realm of possibility, where who we are transcends the small self – who is limited, scared and obsessed with separation and difference.  I want you to know the joy that is part of my life and to experience it for yourself.

May your path be blessed.

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Enjoy friends !


The Something Monologues No.2 – Power, Ants & Aliens & the Necessary Ingredients for ET Contact

Hi Ya’ll, I’m about to have a little break from the net, so I thought I’d knock up (;-) hey Windsong) another monologue this morning on my walk. I thought it was worth talking a little about POWER and about those who think they have power; about how to connect with ETs by learning to connect with ants; and the natural world and the core ingredients necessary for having ET contact. I also reflect a little on the natural world around me, including some vomit I put my hand in (traditional rights of passage) and a male kangaroo with very big testicles.

More waffle some time next week.

Lord of waffle, Brighticus.

The Something Monologues No.1 – The Pig Squealing Alien

Here’s a little something I knocked up today on my walk.

It might be a regular thing. Who knows ???

This one’s a bit windy in places but future one’s should sound better. Let me know if it’s worth the effort.

Adios, Brighticus.